Body Weight Support System

Reliable support system for rehabilitation

The Lode Body Weight Support System (BWSS) is especially developed to support patients that are not able to walk independently. They need support in order to be able to learn how to walk again. The Lode BWSS is the perfect product to enable this. During the training session, the patient weight can be supported accurately up to 80 kg, allowing a broad range of patients to use the system. The compensation weight can easily be adjusted with a remote control. The weight is compensated through a unique use of spring combinations, which is a breakthrough and provides the most stable compensation system. This system is suitable for treadmills with a maximum walking surface width of 60 cm. It is standard supplied with a harness size M. 

The height of the product is suitable for normal rooms (from 2,5 meters). For higher rooms you may consider to order height adjustment parts to enable use by taller patients. This will increase the height with 18 cm. Partnumber of this option is 932824.


High standards

Lode is a socially and environmentally responsible company. All Lode products are RoHS/WEE compliant and Lode is ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 13485:2016 certified. All medical products comply to MDD 93/42/EEC, incl. IEC 60601-1.


The treadmill can be used in various ergometry fields, like cardiology, pulmonary function, rehabilitation, sports medicine and physiotherapy, as a stand alone unit or controlled by other equipment.

Easy weight unloading

The body weight can be very quick and convenient unloaded by using the remote control


The system can easily be moved when it is not used

Freedom of Movement

The test subject can move freely without any obstruction of the system


User friendly remote control

The user friendly remote control offers both adjustment possibilities through the Versatile Multi Spring Adjustability (VMSA) and visual feedback through the LED lighted control panel

Comfortable harness

The comfortable harness is especially made for Lode to guarantee a comfortable fitting for the patient. The patient will not be burdened by the compensation weight, enabling the most comfortable way of rehabilitation. The harness is available in various sizes: small, standard and extra large.
Freedom to move

Single Point Suspension

Thanks to the single point suspension dynamic up and down movement is possible and allows the patient to move and rotate freely.


Weight support steps 0.1 kg 0.2 lbs steps in which the bodyweight support can be adjusted
Versatile Multi-Spring Adjustability (VSMA) Min. 0 kg Versatile Multi-Spring Adjustability (VSMA) Min.
Versatile Multi-Spring Adjustability (VSMA) Max. 80 kg Versatile Multi-Spring Adjustability (VSMA) Max.
Allowed user weight 160 kg 352.7 lbs maximum patient weight
Maximum lifting weight 160 kg 352.7 lbs maximum body weight that can be unloaded
Product length (cm) 160 cm 63 inch length of product in cm
Product width (cm) 142 cm 55.9 inch width of the product in cm
Product height 250 cm 98.4 inch height of product
Product weight 100 kg 220.5 lbs the weight of the product
Inner width 110 cm 43.3 inch space between the stands of the product
Inner width with optional handrails 66 cm 26 inch space between the optional handrails
Maximum patient height 215 cm 84.6 inch maximum height of the patient, including treadmill height
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.



Yes, Due to the fact that the scientific research on the spread of Covid-19 is not yet conclusive Lode recommends to disinfect and clean all Lode products and their accessories (cuffs, heart rate belts, SpO2 sensors, handgrips/rails, touchscreens etc) that are in contact with the patient and or the medical personnel with a standard disinfectant as used in the hospital before and after every patient, with attention and care!

Since these agents are sometimes aggressive it might be advisable to check the effect on sensitive surfaces, like cushioning on non-visible areas. Lode will not take responsibility for discoloration due to these agents.
Which harness you should use in combination with the BWSS is dependent on the waist circumference of the patients. For safe and comfortable use of the BWSS the right size of harness needs to be used.

The BWSS is standard delivered with harness size medium (932764). The size medium harness is suitable for people with a waist circumference from 34 to 44 inches (86 to 112 cm).

For people with a smaller or larger waist circumference Lode offers harnesses in a size small and large. These harnesses do not come standard with the BWSS and need to be order separately. The harness size small (932763) is suitable for a waist circumference from 28 to 34 inches (71 to 86 cm). The harness size large (932765) is suitable for a waist circumference from 44 to 55 inches (112 to 140 cm).
If you want to use the BWSS for patients with an even smaller or larger waist circumference, please contact Lode. Lode will look into the possibility and accompanied time frame of ordering an extra-small or extra-large harness. The harness size extra-small is suitable for a waist circumference between 22 and 28 inches (56 and 71 cm) and a harness in the size extra-large is suitable for a waist circumference between 55 and 67 inches (140 and 170 cm).
Harness options and waist circumferences in inches:

(Harness BWSS Extra-small - 22” (56cm) to 28”(71cm))
Harness BWSS Small - 28” (71cm) to 34” (86cm) (part number 932763)
Harness BWSS Medium - 34” (86cm) to 44” (112cm) (standard supplied with BWSS / part number 932764)
Harness BWSS Large - 44” (112cm) to 55” (140cm) (part number 932765)
(Harness BWSS Extra-large - 55” (140cm) to 67” (170cm))

Part number

  • 932822


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


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Part number

  • 932822