Lode Cardiac Rehab Manager 08

Turn key Cardiac Rehabilitation Management setup

With the LCRM a new modular system for controlled ergometer training is developed. The PC software takes over the entire predefined training control of the patients, documents all relevant data (e.g. ECG, heart rate, training data, etc.) at the same time and so relieves the therapist of routine work – the patients can be taken care of more intensively. Together with the Lode bicycle and treadmill ergometers the LCRM is ready for the future. Up till 8 ergometers can be controlled. The data of ergometers, test subjects and the ECG signal are combined in the software. This makes it possible to use the system in combination with ergometers, but also stand-alone (e.g. floor exercises). The ECG connection is wireless enabling the test subjects to move around freely. The software provides individual reports and continuous ECG control. Both group testing and individual testing is possible. The total solutions exists of the LCRM software, Lode ergometers and wireless 2-lead ECG amplifiers.



Yes, you can find interface sheets for most common devices on the website at the "interfacing" tab of the product. If your CPET device is not present you can ask us to support you. In most cases we can quickly provide you with a solution.
es the Valiant Treadmill can be controlled by LCRM. The treadmill is supplied with a RS232 port and can be controlled by a seperate com port.
Yes the SpO2 results are visible during the rehab session.
For turning off the legacy ECG module (950910/950913) - Hold the power button for a few seconds until the LED turns an amber color. Continue holding the button until the LED blinks and goes amber again. On the second amber flash, release the power button. This will power down the device.
Yes! It is very easy to create a comfortable rehab setting with Lode rehab products by looping the ergometers:

The first Lode rehab ergometer can be connected to the PC with LCRM with a Lode proprietary network to PC cable (#930930).
The second product up till the last product can be connected to the previous one, a bus network configuration.

The last product always needs a termination plug to avoid interference and loss of data. All Lode rehab products come standard with such a termination plug.

- Flawless data connection
- High bandwidth
- No interference of COM ports
- Looping
- Full access of all data in the product to LCRM

Part number

  • 950900

LCRM Demo Software

950900 LCRM 2.16.1 demo software


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Brochure Lode Cardiac Rehab Manager 08 German
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Poster Lode Cardiac Rehab Manager 08 German
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Part number

  • 950900