Part number: 955921
LEM 10 - Module Architect
Creating protocols with customer specific formulas

With this expansion module you can create completely versatile protocols, including defining your own outputs and formula's. The module is defined in such a way that you can create steps in a graphical way. To show the versatility of Architect, several well known protocols are included, which would not be possible to create without the Architect module because certain decisions and loopings are built-in into the protocols.


Easy to install
- Simple step by step installer
- Easy setup of ergometers
- Easy setup of subjects
Multifunctional software for all Lode ergometers
The software can be used for all Lode ergometers and treadmills, including their options like bloodpressure, heart rate, SpO2 etc.
Load as well as bloodpressure triggers can be set remotely.
Everything in control
Easy set up of Subject data
Create protocols quickly and efficiently
Overview of progress during test
Additional integrated modules available
Functionality of the optional modules can be used while creating a protocol. With Wingate multiple sprints can be programmed. Åstrand will give you the possibility to customize the sub maximal test for a special target group.
Easy guided protocol creation
Protocol Wizard for creating standard protocols for the bicycle ergometer or treadmill. An efficient manner to define the amount, duration and type of stages, in interval- step- or bodyweight controlled- protocols.
Advanced protocol editor
Exercise Protocols with target energy and target distance stages are created with the protocol editor. Special body weight depended stages, linear stages, ramping stages or Heart rate controlled protocols are easily programmed and customized. Default protocols are available.
Monitor during the test
The visualisations on the monitor can be selected by the operator to define a clear and usefull visual overview during the exercise test. The lay-outs for different purposes can be saved by the operator
OS compatibility LEM X
- Microsoft Windows 7
- Microsoft Windows 8
- Microsoft Windows 10
Backwards compatible with previous LEM versions
LEM 10 is compatible with LEM 6, 7, 8 and 9. This means that the database of these versions can be imported and used in LEM 10.

HL7 compatible
HL7 compatible
Microsoft Windows 10
compatible with Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 8
compatible with Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 7
compatible with Microsoft Windows 7

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Esseda Wheelchair ergometer
Realistic and accurate testing with unique wheelchair propulsion
Partnumber: 988900
Lode Ergometry Manager - LEM 10
Versatile data and ergometer management
Partnumber: 955900


Q - Can you use the LEM modules with the Valiant treadmill?

Yes the Valiant Treadmill can be controlled by the LEM and the modules Export and Multi Control. The treadmill is supplied with a RS232 port and can be controlled by a seperate communicationport

Q - Why should I upgrade from LEM V9 to LEM V10

LEM 10 has been redesigned from the ground up.
A complete redesign of the workflow makes your activities more efficient
Automatic detection of connected devices allows for easy connection and detection.

For Excalibur:
- visualisation of saddle and handlebar adjustment.

For PFM (Pedal Force Measurement):
- new visualisation of PFM data in a polar diagram (Force, Torque, Load) for single, combined and added sides.
- easy zoom in on Area's of Interest
- easy link to other data
- easy zeroing with feedback.

For Wingate
- PP5

Q - Which products work with LEM 10?

903900, Corival Pediatric 2007
906900, Corival 2003, 2007
909901, Excalibur Sport PFM 2003
910901, Excalibur 2003
911905, Excalibur Sport 2003
917900, Angio 2003
918905, MRI Ergometer Pedal
918906, MRI Ergometer Pedal Lowered Foot
918907, MRI Ergometer Up/Down
918908, MRI Ergometer Push/Pull
925900, Excalibur Sport 2006
925901, Brachumera Sport
925909, Excalibur Sport PFM 2006
925910, Brachumera Sport PFM
929900, Corival Recumbent 2003
960900, Corival IV CPET
960901, Corival IV Rehab
960903, Corival IV Pediatric

Q - What should I check prior to upgrading to LEM10?

It is important to update the firmware of your existing ergometer to the latest version. This guarantees correct communication between the software and your product and the most optimal userexperience.

Also check if your Windows version is 7 or higher.

Part number
  • 955921

LEM Demo Software
955900 LEM 10.6.0 Demo software
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Brochure Cardio Pulmonary German
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Part number
  • 955921

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