Ambient sensor pack

Check environmental conditions during test

The sensor pack allows for checking the following conditions:

ambient temperature (C)
air humidity (%)
airpressure (mBar)

When a control unit is available the data can be made visible continuously.
Data will be able for viewing and storing in Lode software like LEM (as from 10.4.1).
Note: not available for installation afterwards!


Easy to operate

For Lode products this means:
- easy to connect
- easy to move around
- easy user interface

High standards

Lode is a socially and environmentally responsible company. All Lode products are RoHS/WEE compliant and Lode is ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 13485:2016 certified. All medical products comply to MDD 93/42/EEC, incl. IEC 60601-1.


Custom View

Customer specific display setting

Display settings are adjustable according to your specific requirements: each individual has its specific wishes about the parameters to be displayed. This can easily be adjusted with the Lode ergometers.

High sampling frequency

The high sampling frequency allows for detailed and accurate assessment of pressure points during gait analysis
3432 sensor points

High resolution sensor

The large number of sensor points allow for highly detailed gait analysis

Part number

  • 945827


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Part number

  • 945827