Adjustable Cranks for MR ergometer

Versatile adjustability

50 to 90 mm adjustable cranks for MR ergometer to allow for optimal versatility. Suitable for most core diameters and patient sizes.


Tesla independent

The choice of materials and the special design makes that the Lode MRI ergometer is useable for various Tesla MRIs without giving artifacts on the imaging.


Siemens MRI compatibility

The MRI Ergometer can be used in combination with many Siemens Magnetom MRI scanners, like Skyra, Aera, Verio, Essenza, Prisma, Avanto Fit, Vida, Sola, Altea, Lumina and Spectra.

Original Accessory

Accessory designed and manufactured according to the Lode company quality standards

Philips MRI compatible

The ergometer is compatible with various Philips MRI devices
like Philips Achieva and Ingenia.

GE MRI compatible

The Lode MR Ergometer is compatible with GE Signa and Discovery scanners.

10 years service

This product can be serviced for 10 years after phase-out
3 Tesla

Up till 3 Tesla

Virtually no interferentie up till 3 Tesla through smart constructions and material use

Part number

  • 918830


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Part number

  • 918830