Assistive start up system

Lowest possible startup power

The 0-Watt Start-up System gives the opportunity to start the ergometer without load (0 watt) at a preset pedal speed (rpm). You can choose any pedal speed between 30 and 80 rpm. The number of revolutions is increased from 0 to the required rpm by means of a motor drive. With this option there is no energy-loss due to the start-up phase.


Reliable and reproducible stress tests

The experience of professionals who calibrate many ergometers showed that the Lode ergometers are the most reliable across the complete workload and rpm range and still within specifications even after many years of intensive use.


The ergometer can be used in various ergometry settings, enabling a multifunctional deployment.

High standards

Lode is a socially and environmentally responsible company. All Lode products are RoHS/WEE compliant and Lode is ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 13485:2016 certified. All medical products comply to MDD 93/42/EEC, incl. IEC 60601-1.


Extreme low start up load

The extreme low start-up load of 7 watts and the adjustability in small steps of 1 watt make this ergometer perfectly suitable for many different applications. The standard control unit shows multiple ergometry parameters and you can determine your specific default setting and start-up menu.

Small adjustment steps

The workload of the Lode ergometers is adjustable in steps of only 1 watt. Depending on your wishes, the test operator or the test subject can adjust the workload. The steps of 1 watt are possible in the manual mode as well as within protocols.

Original Accessory

Accessory designed and manufactured according to the Lode company quality standards


To start pedalling on the ergometer can be heavy for some subjects, because it cost some strength to get the flywheel in motion. When the flywheel is up to speed less effort is necessary to keep it going. The 0-watt start up option is solely meant to overcome the heavy start with low RPMs by means of a motor drive. As soon as the ergometer is up to speed and the target RPM is reached the system stops working. In this way the test subject does not have to overcome the initial resistance of the braking mechanism and can start the test with the lowest workload at the required rpm in the normal rpm-independent mode. It is not meant to be assistive during the whole test.
No, the 0-watt start up option only supports the initial start of the test. At the moment the target RPM (adjustable between 30-80 RPM) is reached the support stops and the test subject must do it all by him/her self.
The 0-watt start up option needs to be set before the test starts. After choosing manual mode, a protocol or terminal mode on the 7” Control Unit, the display will show the test view. In the left down corner the button for the 0-watt start up option is located (circular arrow). If you push on the button the window opens to set the target RPM. When the target RPM is set you close the window with the green check symbol. Now the 0-watt start up option will start to support the test subject up to the target RPM and the test can start.
Yes, when the ergometer is in terminal mode you can set the 0-watt start up option in the same way as working with the ergometer stand alone. If the 0-watt start up option is ready (target RPM is set) the test can be started in the LEM software.
The Motomed or other assistive ergometers often have different modes to assist during training. In the passive mode the devices is doing all the work, in the assistive mode the user is supported during the total training and in the active mode the user is not supported at all. In this case the assistive mode is very useful for patients who do not have enough strength to do all the work themselves. With the assistance they are able to train within their own capacity. With the 0-watt start up option only the beginning of the test is assisted, but after that all the effort is delivered by the subject.

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