Lode part of Extreme Everest 2 - Going to Extremes


Lode is proud to be a partner of the project Xtreme Everest 2 – Going to Extremes to Understand Critical Illness.

 In the UK one in five of us will end up in intensive care at some point in our life. Of those, 40% will die. Despite intensive care being one of the most sophisticated areas of hospital care, even now, in the 21st century, there is still limited understanding of why some people survive and some die. Hypoxia- lack of oxygen reaching the body's vital organs- is a common problem for patients in an intensive care unit.

Xtreme Everest is a dedicated team of intensive care doctors, nurses and scientists. They conduct experiments on themselves and other volunteers at high altitude in order to develop novel therapies to improve the survival rates of their patients. Because it is very difficult to study patients in intensive care units, not least because they are so ill, the team volunteer themselves as subjects.

Lode has supplied some custom-made bikes for the Xtreme Everest expedition in 2007. These bikes can be broken down into their separate components, making them much easier to transport across the world and along the route from Kathmandu to Mt. Everest. For the Xtreme Everest 2 expedition, we have repaired and refurbished the bikes. Furthermore we have trained some of the XE2 team in maintenance and assembly/disassembly of the our Corival bikes at our headquarters in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Two of the bikes were taken to the London Clinic for our Sea Level Testing.

We wish all team members good luck and a successful expedition!