About Lode


Lode wants to support and enable assessment and analysis of human performance in the easiest and most accurate way.


Medical professionals and researchers as well as movement experts and trainers want to focus on patients, therapy, performance improvement and gaining insight. Technology should be an enabler for them, not a hassle or a nuisance. They should never have doubt about the quality of the obtained data.


Lode will always be in dialogue with their endusers to gain insight in their demands an seek for new ways to satisfy their needs in accurate human performance assessment. Lode will only deliver products if they can live up to the high standards of our customers: accurate and easy to use, so that we can say:

Lode, the standard in ergometry


Lode was founded in 1946 in Groningen, the Netherlands as a Medical Technology company. The company is part of Lode Holding BV. You can find more Information on Lode Holding BV on the website